For thirty years, PRIMARE, based in southern Sweden, has been designing and producing award-winning hi-fi components that bring the Scandinavian attributes of honest integrity and timeless design to a global audience. Every PRIMARE product reflects a commitment to Scandinavian ideals such as lagom – the sense of true satisfaction that comes from balance and harmony. Not too much. Not too little. Just right. With a modular, environmentally conscious approach that complements core values of lasting quality, ease of use, and deeply satisfying performance, PRIMARE effortlessly delivers today’s ever-expanding music and visual experiences in all their richness and variety, whether the source is analog or digital, wired or wireless, stored or streamed. PRIMARE – the sound and vision of Scandinavia.


1985:  Primare formed

1986:  928 series pre-power amplifiers.

1992:  200 series of pre-power, CD player and Tuner

1994:  300 series integragted amplifier and CD player  - the blueprint for all future Primare products

1998:  20 series and 30 series Integrated amplifiers and CD players.

2000: AV products introduced: V20 DVD player, P30 Processor A30.5, 5 channel power amplifier

2002: SP31.7 AV Pre SPA20 AV integrated, DVD25 DVD player

2003: DVD30 Universal disc player

2004: SPA21 AV integrated amplifier, SP31 processor, new 20 and 30 series products including the I30 integrated amplifier, DVD26 DVD player



2007:  CDI10 one-box system using radical new class D modules

2008:  DVDI 10 DVD/CD one-box system. Primare introduces modular design with SPA 22 AV integrated and SP32 7-channel Pre. SPA22 first with UFPD Class D technology

2010: New 30 Series introduced: upgradable I32 amplifier (the first with music streaming potential), CD32 CD Player, R32 phono stage

2011: Primare wins prestigeous EISA Best Product Award for CD32/I32 system. BD32 Universal player launched

2012: Primare embraces audiophile computer audio and streaming with DAC30 and MM30 media upgrade for I32 and PRE32

2013: Primare NP30 Network Player and App launched

2014: Primare 60 Series launched