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"Given its level of performance, I find the Primare R32 amazingly inexpensive...it can be justifiably recommended to anybody who's hunting for an excellent highend phonostage at a resonable price". Inner Audio Magazine, Finland, October 18, 2010. Please note, an English translation follows the Finnish review. http://www.inner-magazines.com/news/201/57/Primare-R32-RIAA-stage/



"The Primare R32 is in every aspect a successfully designed turntable pre-amplifier. High build quality, design, and sound quality, forming the essence of the product, which should cost a lot more than it does. The setting options are comprehensive, which allows the R32 to play seamlessly in many systems, bridging the gap between turntables and pre/power amplifiers. Naturally, the R32 passed the requirements for the i-fidelity.net-Highlight-award with flying colours". i-fidelity.net, Germany, March 2011. Please find English translation in 'downloads'.


"If you want to add a bit of substance and integrity to the sound of your vinyl and have theshelf space, the R32 is a winner." Hi Fi Choice Magazine. UK, May 2011 issue. Please find full review in 'downloads'.


"Technically and sonically brilliant. Elegant high quality housing. The Primare R32 is clearly a 'Best Buy' for its price tag." Thomas Schmidt, LP Magazine, Germany, issue 6 2011. An English translation of this review is available from the downloads section.


"...this kind of quality for well under a grand is what constitues a top-flight bargain, making the R32 our clear winner." Hi Fi News UK, January 2012. Please find full review in 'downloads'.