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South Africa Welcomes Primare with a Clutch of Awards


South Africa’s specialist home tech title AV Magazine has been busy with Primare over the last few months, and the results have been spectacular! In AV’s September issue Deon Schoeman said of the BD32 “...If you’re looking for one, do-it-all source with no chinks in its performance armour, and an ability to entertain in both sonic and visual terms, look no further.” The BD32 was subsequently the magazine’s ‘Digital Source of the Year’ award.


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Heimkino, Germany, January 2012 issue:


The image processing is exceptionally good. No matter what came from the drive or via USB or eSATA, the Primare did not slip up: the image on the Panasonic plasma satisfied in all three dimensions. Now it was time to lend a close ear to the sound; quickly the Friedemann hybrid disc (CD and SACD) was inserted and immediately played by the BD32 in a rarely heard brilliance. More discs followed; whether live concert recordings on Blu-ray or music DVDs, the Primare universal player sounded like a pure music specialist.


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Hi Fi News, UK. February 2012 issue:

"the Primare played BD movies with spectacular picture quality...upscaled DVDs looked fabulous too...the Primare does indeed sound gloriously luxurious...stereo SACD playback was stellar...Prmare's BD32 can be considered an audiophile bargain in the world of high-end components...a worthy universal source for any high-end system."

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German review site has awarded the BD32 referenzclasse status:


Gramophone, UK, March 2012

All but a select few products are featured on the review pages of the UK's leading classical music title 'Gramophone'. The BD32 has gone further in achieving the distinction of being Gramphone’s ‘product of the month’. Audio Editor Andrew Everard says “Possibly the ultimate universal disc player… put simply, this is a multiformat player more than capable of holding its own against the very best dedicated SACD and CD hardware, and requiring no allowances to be made for the wide range of material it can handle.”

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Stereoplay, Germany, March 2012

"The first Bluray and streaming player from Primare is sonically as stable and precise as its workmanship. Great picture, perfect all-round qualities and the sparkling joy of playing complete the BD32 experience!"

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Home Cinema Choice, UK, May 2012

In awarding the extremely coveted ‘Reference’ badge in Home Cinema Choice, Richard Stevenson says “I’m saving up for a Primare, no question…the BD32 provides the sort of entertainment levels that most commercial cinemas would be proud of.”

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Alta Definicion, Spain, No49

"If the user can afford this multi-player, it’s recommended for every high-end installation. True the price is high but the benefits and design are great. The only flaw is the design and functionality of the remote control. Note that the Player is available in silver and black finishes, with the silver winning for us. Here’s a versatile player, well built with high quality and of a design style exclusive to Primare.”

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Audio, Poland, March 2012

Build and manufacture: Solid enclosure, very good mechanical and electronic construction, advanced power supply, very good main graphic processor, two audio systems (for stereo and multi-channel)

Functionality: A lot of outputs: two HDMI, separate analog stereo and multichannel outputs (plus XLR), hi-tech Blu-Ray with 3D, Wi-Fi using adapter (included), USB and fast e-SATA for transmission from Hard Drives. LAN network and streaming of multimedia (based on DLNA server) with support of FLAC(24/192) files.

Sound: Dynamic in low registers, more gentle on top, precise, live, but not aggressive. With CD a little bit warm, with SACD very clean, fresh and real.

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Hi Vi, Japan, Winter 2012

BD32 receives BEST BUY and is ranked 1st in a test of players by Japanese magazine HiVi magazine, in spite of the price! The review says "We have been waiting for a product like the BD32. Counter to the market trend for lower cost BD players, the BD32 offers higher performance and quality to the many who seek it. If you’re looking for a player with the best audio quality, and excellent video performance, we absolutely recommend the BD32".

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Audio Video, Poland, May 2012

In bestowing its class A rating on Primare's BD32, the author of Audio Video's review states that: "The last player that you need... It is absolutely the best multi-format player that I know and probably the best that can be purchased for a similar amount... For the best possible quality, you will not find today a better proposition than the BD32. This time the choice is simple."

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