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As a prism provides a complete spectrum of colors from a single point of light, Prisma provides a complete spectrum of system management from a single point of control.

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Evolving Amplification

UFPD 2 incorporates all we have learned from over thirty years designing and producing world class amplifiers.

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Bent builds Primare

Bent Nielsen has guided the design and production of every Primare model from the very beginning.

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About Primare

Lagom > “just the right amount”.
Not too much. Not too little.
Everything in balance, harmony and proportion.

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New Prisma Product

I35 Prisma - shipping now!

The latest in a long line of Lagom − the new I35 Prisma continues Primare’s tradition of creating elegant integrated amplifiers of exemplary power and control.

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CD35 Prisma - shipping now!

Each component part of CD35 Prisma − the drive, the DAC, the output stage, and Prisma connection and control – contributes to what is simply the best CD player we have ever offered.

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I15 Prisma - shipping this summer!

I15 Prisma integrated amplifier is a compact, full-featured system control and power center, with complete digital media access and system management by way of the Prisma connectivity and control technology.

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