Primare DM35 – Digital-to-analag converter module

Primare DM35 digital to analog converter module
Primare I35 DAC modular integrated amplfiier and digital to analog converter back

DM35 – Digital-to-analag converter module

DAC module for I25, I35, and PRE35.

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DM35 is a sophisticated digital to analog converter module for adding digital to analog conversion to I25, I35, and PRE35 platforms. In order to allow for playback of virtually any digital source with absolute accuracy and musicality, the DM35 DAC stage recreates high-resolution sound that is as close as possible to the original source.

Primare I35 Prisma modular integrated amplifier and network player technology inside
Primare DM35 Digital-to-analag converter module

Inputs include 4 Toslink optical and 2 RCA coaxial for resolution of up to 192kHz/24 bit, and 1 USB B input for computer connection with resolution of up to 768kHz/32 bit and DSD256 (11.2MHz). An RCA coaxial output provides native output for digital inputs and selectable 48 or 96kHz ouput for analog inputs.

DM35 required for PRISMA update.

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  • 4 x Toslink input
  • 2 x RCA input
  • 1 x USB B input
  • 1 x RCA output