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I35 Prisma

I35 Prisma integrated amplifier is the latest iteration of Primare’s now iconic 30 Series integrated amplifiers and is the first to use the new UFPD 2 power system, a radical reworking of Primare’s award-winning UFPD all-analog Class-D technology.



Providing 150 watts at 8 ohms of absolutely linear UFPD 2 amplification across the entire audible bandwidth, the I35 Prisma delivers naturally fast, clean and agile sound with an unprecedented ability to bring music to life.

In addition to balanced analog inputs, the I35 Prisma includes a DM35 full-featured DAC stage enabling up to PCM 768kHz/32bit and DSD 256 conversion, as well as Prisma connectivity and control technology.


I35 Prisma features Prisma, Primare’s new whole-home, high-fidelity control and connectivity solution. Prisma provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control for playback of stored and streamed media, wired or wireless, all managed from any mobile device through a dedicated system control app. In addition to Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications for the best possible performance and user experience.

Optional Configurations


The I35 is an all analog version of the I35 Prisma, featuring UFPD 2 power output and balanced analog inputs. The DM35 digital to analog conversion and Prisma modules can be added at a later date.


The I35 DAC adds the DM35 digital analog conversion module to the I35. Prisma technology can be added as a plug-in module at a later date.

Dive in

  • UPFD 22 x 150W 8 ohms / 2 x 300 4 ohms
  • XLR2 x stereo pair analog inputs
  • RCA3 x stereo pair analog inputs
  • RCA1 x stereo pair analog LINE output
  • RCA1 x stereo pair analog PRE output
  • C25 remoteIR system control
  • IR3.5 mm input/output
  • 12V Trigger3.5 mm output
  • RS232outboard system control port
  • DACAKM AK4497
  • Toslink4 x digital input
  • RCA2 x digital input
  • RCA1 x digital output
  • USB-B1 x digital input
  • Prismacontrol and connectivity
  • USB-A1 x digital input
  • Ethernetx 2
  • WiFi
  • AirPlay
  • Bluetooth
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Spotify Connect
  • Weight11 Kg
  • Dimensions430 x 106 x 420 mm (WHD)
  • Finishesblack or titanium
  • Fairaudio, Germany, December 2018
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma – Fairaudio’s Favorite AWARD 2019

    Primare I35 Prisma - fairaudio’s favorite award 2019, integrated amplifier with DAC and streamer - awarded by the fairaudio editorship due to excellent sound characteristics. Exceptional clarity, a fine feel for nuance and rhythmic flair throws the Swedish integrated amplifier into balance - which also includes, in the tested version, a network player and DAC module for great connectivity. And on top of that is the chic Scandinavian design.

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  • HiFi+, UK, May 2019
    I35: HiFi+ 10th Anniversary Top 100

    The latest Primare platform is a highly modular amplifier system, but even as just an amplifier the I35 integrated is one of those products that you just love to enjoy!

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Audio Video, Poland, November 2017
    I35 DAC: Seemingly similar, but very different

    Every type of music sounds perfect. It is great in respect to dynamics, speed, timing, resolution and providing a sense of surround sound. Dryness and “Scandinavian” coolness of tones? Nothing of the kind. This device is neutral with no evident tendencies to embellish the sound. It is also the kind of device you can listen to constantly with no signs of fatigue... Can I say anything else? Just that we will buy one for ourselves.

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  • LowBeats, Germany, March 2018
    I35: Integrated amplifier with class D power plant

    The Primare i35 is a special, positive piece of work... In the LowBeats listening room, this sounded wonderfully smooth, silky in the highs and with impressive force in the lowest bass.

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  • HiFi Stars, Germany, March-May 2018
    I35 DAC + CD35: Beautiful and multi-functional

    Rarely, has Primare equipment been so extensively equipped. Here is truly a great way of playing. Here you will find everyone has his perfect (including streaming) solution, tailored to your needs within each model. The CD35 is truly the best the Swedes have ever built and the I35 DAC is just awesome...

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  • Music Emotion, The Netherlands, March 2018
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Versatility at its best

    Primare is among the most consistent class-leading high-end brands of the last few decades, continuing to refine a balanced and coherent sound. These new I35 and CD35 Prisma models are still following this more evolutionary course. However, a true revolution, and certainly for this brand, is now suddenly the maximum seamless integration of almost all digital source standards currently available. Add to this the maximum sound quality, and the trouble-free and smooth operation of the app for each of these sources, and the Primare team has seen the light again!

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  • Audio Video, South Africa, July 2018
    I35: Capturing the music’s heart and soul

    However, it’s the ability to reveal the heart and soul of the music that is the Primare’s most endearing trait. It certainly proves that Class D has come of age, and that efficiency and pace can be delivered without sacrificing the emotive core of the music.

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  • Stereoplay, Germany, August 2018
    I35 Prisma + CD 35 Prisma: Dream couple with qualities

    CD35 Prisma + I35 Prisma: Primare's CD player / amp combinations are known for their technical sophistication, but the new 35-series dwarfs all its predecessors.

    View/download full review as PDF

  • HiFi Choice, Poland, August 2018
    I35 Prisma: Five Stars – Editor’s Choice

    The sound of the I35 has something noble, special, some kind of rare consistency and analog smoothness. It's a fantastic amp, a very good DAC and more than a decent streamer. Hot recommendation!

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  • Audio, South Korea, May 2018
    I35 DAC: Primare – Traditionally Strong In Integrated Amps, Comes Up With An Even Stronger Integrated Amp!

    The sound had no impurity at all... Whatever music was chosen, there was no excess or shortage in the sound of I35 DAC, and its fresh performance was impressive. It would be hard to find another amp that equals this performance at the price level of the I35 DAC. This amp is recommendable even to those audiophiles who have groundlessly negative worries about Class-D amps. In the market, there are many amps that are different inside from outside. But, through I35 DAC, I was able to confirm the reputation of Primare again.

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  • HiFi+, UK, Issue 163, September 2018
    I35: Primare I35 integrated amplifier

    This is an amplifier that has the Devil’s Amplifier Class running cool and clear and it is extraordinarily modern in design inside and out. And yet, if you listen with your ears instead of your eyes and your prejudices, you’ll discover that this is an absolute blinder of an amplifier – possibly one of the best there is!

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  • HiFi Stars, Germany, September 2018
    I35 Prisma: Really everything in it!

    It's all incredibly fast and natural in its performance, lively in the best sense of the word! The quality of music playback over the network connection plays in the same league as the analog and digital inputs of the I35 Prisma. The Swedish amplifier is once again characterised by its enthusiasm, dynamism and balance.

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  • Audio Test, Germany, October 2018
    I35 Prisma: Nordic Charisma

    It draws a crystal-clear sound through the entire spectrum, the timpani are voluminous and can resonate very freely, the strings are brilliant even in the highest registers, without sounding exaggerated.
    The amplifier succeeds in an excellent spatial separation and it is able to deliver dynamic peaks very energetically.
    With the I35 Prisma, Primare has succeeded in creating a versatile all-rounder, which, thanks to its excellent network control, is at the very top in terms of user experience.

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Audio Review, Italy, January 2019
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma

    The top model of integrated amplifier manufactured by Primare is offered at a significantly higher price compared to that of the small I15 Prisma, winner of the EISA award, but offers a much higher power and even higher technical and sound performance. The high build quality and the sober and elegant design further increases the appeal of the amplifier.

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  • HiFi News, UK, March 2019
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Primare CD35/I35 Prisma

    There’s something deeply alluring about this streaming CD player/ integrated amp combination, in both sound and function. An enjoyable music maker, it brings together a myriad different digital sources under one roof – so to speak – and allows easy control of them all. In turn, this makes it easier to appreciate the music without being distracted by the technology. Now there’s a thought for the future... HIGHLY COMMENDED

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  • TONEAudio, USA, Issue 91
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35

    The 30 series amplifiers have a well-deserved reputation for fantastic sound, stellar build quality, and understated visual design. The new UPFD 2 power amplifier features 150 watts per channel, and like the model before it, defies pre-conceived notions of what you might think Class-D sounds like. It’s actually quite good. For the music lover wanting high performance, a modest form factor and stunning good looks, look no further.

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  • fairaudio, Germany, December 2018
    I35 Prisma: Reinforced Networked

    At the beginning I wrote: "He does not disappoint me." What's more - the elegant Swede has convinced me right down the line! First, it is a lively and well-balanced amplifier that proves sensitivity in the right places Secondly, it is an extremely complete D/A converter, capable of mastering all common digital formats, including high bit, and is well equipped, and last but not least, it is a multifunctional interface for a home music network and cooperates with the most popular streaming services.

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  • Audio Accessory, Japan, Summer 2018
    I35 + CD35: CD35/I35 Best New Components

    A new series that has evolved dramatically enough to establish a new level for the brand.

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  • Stereo, Japan, June 2018
    I35 + CD35: Notable New Products File

    In addition to the beauty of being natural sounding, depth and transparency are further enhanced… a design that harmonises Scandinavian warmth and sophistication.

    View/download full review as PDF

  • Vumetre, France, November/December 2018
    I35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma

    Musical, full of life and with a disconcerting ease in the most delicate situations, it has seduced us and overcame the doubts that some may sometimes have around digital amplification. Resolutely turned towards the future and the management of networked media, it knows how to exploit the best. An undeniable success!.
    pdf to come

  • Stereo I Kolorowo-Underground, Poland, May 2019
    I35 Prisma + CD35 Prisma: Primare I35 Prisma and Primare CD35 Prisma set

    I35 Prisma illustrates the soul and sense of music with high tonal grip and low sibilance, nicely paints vast music landscapes and, at the same time, provides a naturally fast, transparent and agile sound. What's more, the Swedish integrated has an inexhaustible ability to "revive" recordings. For example, on the album Keith Jarrett Trio "Somewhere" (ECM - 2009) the piano of the Steinway Grand Master, vibrating Peacock double bass strings, and DeJohnette's delicate hi-hat drums were clearly present in the room, creating thus a perfectly balanced picture rich in detail and texture, providing the perfect insight into the emotional core of trio music.

    View full review