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Primare R35 MM/MC phono preamplifier front titanium
Primare R35 MM/MC phono preamplifier back

R35 – MM/MC phono preamplifier

R35 is our most sophisticated and capable MM/MC phono preamplifier, providing the ideal interface between the low-level output of a moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridge and the line-level inputs of your hi-fi system, either RCA or XLR.

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Primare R35 MM/MC phono preamplifier technology inside


R35 MM/MC phono preamp is designed to amplify with honest fidelity the delicate signal from even the lowest output phono cartridge.

The design has been carefully crafted so that all components work sympathetically together, including a fully isolated power supply, allowing the highly sensitive signal components to functiion in a noise free environement for superior performance, resulting in cleaner sound and greater fidelity. R35 features adjustable gain to amplify the signal from virtually any moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridge, and a very wide range of input adjustments allowing for ideal cartridge and system matching.

The look and feel of Scandinavia

We believe that every aspect of our products – the way they look, the satisfying feel of the controls – contributes to the overall experience of living with Primare. As a result, Primare products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design – simple, elegant designs, with approachable and easy to understand functionality.
An example of this is the standby button discretely placed within the Primare logo on the faceplate of our R15, R35 and A35.2 models – or as we say lagom, not too much not too little, everything in balance, proportion, and harmony.

Primare R35 MM/MC phono preamplifier front black
Primare System Building PRE35 R35 DD35 A35

Modular Design and System Building

We feel it is essential to offer modularity whenever possible in order to have just the right features, both now and for the future. Modular design is featured in the I25 and I35 modular integrated amplifiers, as well as the PRE35 modular preamplifier, all of which can be updated with DAC and Prisma modules, as well as the CD35 CD player that can have the Prisma module added, either at the time of purchase or at a later date. As a result, we are able to offer a carefully considered array of models and configurations in order to allow for device selection that best fits any system need. For example, a CD35 with Prisma module installed can be paired with an I35 integrated amplifier, allowing for a separation of analog and digital stages. Or, an I35 with DAC and Prisma modules installed can be paired with a DD35 CD transport, allowing for multi-room and multi-zone playback of every input, whether analog or digital source.

And while not modular, the R35 can be added to any of those systems to include high performance playback of vinyl records.

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MSRP 1500 €
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  • MM/MCmoving coil and moving magnet
  • Gain adjustmentup to 50db MM and 76db MC
  • Load adjustmentcapacitance and resistance
  • RCA1 x stereo pair input
  • RCA1 x stereo pair output
  • XLR1 x stereo pair output
  • Dimensions430x384x92mm (WHD)
  • Weight9.5 Kg
  • Finishesblack or titanium
Primare Bent Nielsen, Chief Engineer at Primare since 1986

Bent Nielsen

Chief Engineer at Primare since 1986

Engineers notes:
R35 Preliminary Specifications

R35 MM/MC phono preamplifier is our most sophisticated phono stage. R35 features RCA and XLR output, a fully shielded power supply, as well as very flexible gain and input loading adjustments allowing for ideal system matching for virtually any moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridge. It has not been an easy task to replace the venerable R32, but with greater gain, lower noise, and increased detail we believe the R35 is a worthy successor.

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Gain MM RCA 1KHz Adjustable 36, 40, 44dB

Gain MM XLR 1KHz Adjustable 42, 46, 50dB

Gain MC RCA 1KHz Adjustable 62, 66, 70dB

Gain MC XLR 1KHz Adjustable 68, 72, 76dB

Resistance loading MM Adjustable 2.5, 47 K Ohm

Resistance loading MC Adjustable 10 Ohm – 47 K Ohm (21 steps)

Capacitive loading MM Adjustable 100, 200, 300, 400pF

Capacitive loading MC Adjustable 100pF, 1nF

Subsonic filter -3dB/12Hz, 12dB/octave

Maximum output level 11V rms

Output impedance   100 Ohm RCA / 200 Ohm XLR

RIAA Correction +/- 0.2dB

Channel separation MM 80dB 1kHz

Channel separation MC 77dB 1kHz

THD + Noise MM <0.02% 20Hz – 20kHz

THD + Noise MC <0.03% 20Hz – 20kHz

Signal to Noise MM 85dB 1KHz A-weighted 5mV input Gain

Signal to Noise MC 76dB 1KHz A-weighted 0.5mV input Gain

Power Consumption

Standby  <0.5W

Operating <20W


Width 430mm

Depth 384mm with knobs and connectors

Height 92mm

Weight 9.5Kg

Note: features and specifications are preliminary and subject to change.