Review: Stereoplay, Germany, May 2020

PRE35 Prisma + A35.2: Volcano in Two Stages

Box after box: Primare exudes calm. But a volcano is bubbling underneath. This pre / amp combination captivates lust and …


Review: HomeCinema Magazine, March 2020

SC15 Prisma: System Audio Speakers and Primare SC15, HiFi Without Wires

Marry the Primare SC15 with the System Audio silverback 5 legend speakers and you get a complete music system that …


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R35: Professional Appearance

“Technically well designed, the Primare R35 is at the forefront of its price range. Not as a show off, but …


Review: HiFi News, UK, April 2020

R35: Primare R35

“ln practice, it is an incredibly flexible and capable phono stage that seemingly has the ability to extract the very …


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I35: HiFi+ 2020 Editor’s Choice Award

In fact, at no time and with no combination of bits and pieces I have to hand (and there are …


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I25 Prisma: Prime Number

There is no mush or muddle here, no hype or hurry, just balance, control and clarity. If you like a …


Review: Hi-Fi Voice, Czech Republic, July 2019

I25: Primare I25

The sound is clear, it is solid and dynamic, it has a bit of an analytical tendency and, above all, …


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I15 MM + CD15 Prisma: A Delightful Duo

We have experienced the Primare I15 and CD15 Prisma as one blissful duo together. We praise the balance that the …


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I25: I25 Test

It turns out that the Primare I25 is a very versatile device that will fit most systems, will show off …


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I25: Primarily Versatile

Even though Primare’s I25 Integrated amplifier’s cleanliness, deep-bass strength, and control can be considered to be prime virtues, it is …